The Big Lie: “We need to help schools but sales tax is not the way”

If you have already read this scroll down and read the dissection of that SQ799 ad.

Oklahoma Education Reality Check

While a sales tax is not an especially fair tax, it is really our only choice for improving school funding in Oklahoma.   I know this makes the decision difficult.  But please be aware that those who a promoting ads against SQ779 are the same ones that have no politically viable alternative for  any other way of funding preK-16 education in our state.


Consider this.  The only bill to address a teacher raise during the last legislative session was to give teachers a $5,000 raise and cap their insurance benefits.  This bill died in committee. In fact, it was technically not introduced since it was a proposed alternate version to a shell bill.  Senator Mazzei’s measure to rescind the last income tax cut went nowhere.

Given the realities of yearly increases in both cost of living and health insurance premiums, the move to cap insurance benefits  (which I expect to…

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