JUST IN CASE ANYONE HAS FORGOTTEN: It is OKAY to be happy, even in tough situations. It is OKAY to begin to move on, even though your heart may hurt. It is OKAY to be strong, just as it is OKAY to be weak. It is OKAY to put yourself in situations that make you happy. It is OKAY to do what you want to do, freely, happily. It is OKAY to like someone because they see you exactly for who you are. It is OKAY to be exactly who you are, 100% of the time. It is OKAY to stand up for yourself and say, “No, I am not changing who I am today!” It is OKAY to grab your life and embrace everything it throws at you with open arms. It is OKAY to surround yourself with the people that make you happy, no matter who those people may be.

It is OKAY to be happy, even in tough situations, and it is OKAY that I am HAPPY.

Terin Camber Brownen

Not only is it okay to be happy, it is OK to move away from those who steal your joy.  Friends have disagreements,and so do spouses.  There is a difference between a disagreement and a toxic relationship that steals all your happiness.   I have actually seen students who are happy when their friend is absent from school.  But they turn unhappy as soon as they see their friend again, because the “friend” is all about manipulation and control.   And if you choose to ditch that a toxic “friend”, good for you!, then that is, in fact, okay too.   Disclaimer:  This is not a comment on the situation that brought forth Terin’s proclamation above.