Rock Your Corner

Happy Rock Your Corner

We are meant to let our lights shine wherever we are and however we can. This is one of the pillars of The Happy Rock Way. I don’t usually say it that way. I just say, “Rock your corner of the world!” This may not be a geographical space in this day an age. It can be your corner of your family, your city, your school, or your online presence.  Make a difference in the world by making a difference wherever you interact with others.

There are some famous people who do seem to rock much of the world. But for most of us it all starts with that space where we happen to be right now.

Since Edward Lorenz coined the term Butterfly Effect it has in some fashion seeped into our group mind set. You can search “Butterfly Effect” if you want to know more. Lorenz contended that small things could have a big impact over time. The Butterfly Effect was an apt name. A butterfly flapping its wings in one time and space can cause a hurricane several weeks later and far around the globe. There is some pretty good math to support this idea.

If one takes the Butterfly Effect into account, rocking one part of the world even a little bit could cause some pretty great things to happen. Who knows? If you make an intentional effort to rock the world around you, it could send a rocking wave far around the world.

“An intentional effort…” This is a loaded phrase. That means that you have a mindset, make a plan, set a goal, or any other way we have of indicating that we are going to make something happen as opposed to leaving it to chance. If you truly believe that you could serve the world by just sending out a kind, loving, or otherwise encouraging words and actions, then you will need figure out how you intend to make that happen. As you get used to working your plan it will become habit. But in the beginning, it has to be intentional. Smiling is good for you. Smiling at other people is good for the other people. And you. I will allow you to follow that thought and see where it takes you.

Even if you never see the end result of all the positive you give the world, you will still like life better if you rock. Even if it is just barely. Even if it is just where you live. You are blessed to be a blessing. Send it out. There is no time like the present to get started.

After thoughts… I used to play in a band that did the song linked below.(Probably need to do a cover even now.) Those of you that know me will hopefully understand how I took the simple message of this song to heart.

Touch a Hand, Make a Friend – the Oak Ridge Boys

One last thought.  There will be times when life has come calling on you and you are really not able, for a number of reasons, to send out much positive energy.   It is important for you to be a part of a positive supportive community to lift your spirits during these times.  We are not meant to be loners.   Find or build a positive community that will help you be a rock star at the business of life.   And one that will support you during those times when you need it.

So…. Go rock your corner of the world!


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  1. reckeuph December 4, 2014 / 10:52 pm

    I typed this in late at night.. I promise an edit soon! Oh dear…

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