Coming Back From The Edge (Revised 12-26-2014. Probably not for the last time.)

Minor revision – A pillar of the Happy Rock Way.

The Happy Rock Way

A friend oClose to the Edge (2)f mine and I were commenting to each other about a mutual acquaintance.  I said that he seemed to be an unusually deep person, someone who had figured out a lot about life.   We all know those people who seem to have it all together.  If not all together, then a whole lot together. She commented, “You know, he has been to the edge of the abyss.” I didn’t know.  In fact, I still don’t know exactly what she was talking about.   But I did steal her phrase.   There seems to be an abyss out there and humans seem to regularly travel towards the edge.  Not always right up to it, perhaps.  But they do move in that direction.   Sometimes, the abyss seems to move to them.

Some people will be living a seemingly charmed life when the worst things come calling.  Sometimes they are self inflicted. …

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